Full Service Bath

“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.” -Franklin P. Jones

No time for a DIY dog wash? The Mutt Puddle K-9 Lifeguards are expressly trained to provide a thorough bathing experience, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

The Mutt Puddle bath includes: Massaging bath, hand blow dry, 15 minute brush out, ears cleaned, anal glands (if requested), bandana/bow, and cologne (if desired).

Final pricing is determined by size, length of coat and condition.

Pricing Guidelines

XS       $21 - $26
S          $26 - $31
M         $31 - $41
L          $38 - $43
XL        $44 - $66


  • De-matting/de-shedding beyond the initial 15 minute brush out. $5 per 10 minutes
  • Blueberry Facial: Helps clear eye stains, cleans, brightens, and refreshes pets face. $5
  • All-Natural Medicated Shampoo: Addresses skin issues brought about by fungus or bacteria and soothes hot, irritated, itchy skin. Small & Medium $10 Large & EX Large $15
  • Teeth Brushing: Teeth are thoroughly cleaned using a soft brush and enzymatic paste that continues to work on breaking down existing plaque and the bacteria that causes new plaque. $10
  • Nail Clip: $10
  • Nail Filing/Shaping: For pets which have difficulty with nail clippers, we can provide nail filing/shaping process is quick and pain-free way to trim and smooth nails. $10
  • Teeth and nail filing package: $15
  • Cracked Paw Treatment: Our all natural paw cream conditions and soothes dry, cracked, itchy paws with a mixture of Aloe, Sesame Oil, Shea Butter, Rosemary, and Vitamin E. $5
  • De-Skunking or Flea/Tick treatment: Cost of full service bath plus $15

We give special care to your ill, mature, or disabled pet. It is important that you inform us if these conditions describe your pet or if there are other considerations such as anxious or nervous behavior.

Our bathing staff has extensive experience working safely with all pets. However, an additional charge may apply if a pet’s special condition requires unusual time and effort to insure the services are completed in a safe and humane manner.