Giving Back

“My little dog…a heartbeat at my feet.” -Edith Wharton (founding member ASPCA)

The Mutt Puddle’s owners have been part of animal rescue for 10 years. They have opened their home to 46 fosters, served on 501.3.(c) rescue boards, rehabilitated dogs in need, raised funds, and educated anyone who will listen about the needs of the animals.

Giving back to the community is integral to The Mutt Puddle business plan, supporting local organizations and rescues.

Rescue Tuesday is the large part of the support program. Each month, a non-profit animal organization is selected to receive 10% of revenue from all bathing services performed at both salons, on Tuesdays. Not only does the program provide a cash donation, it exposes the organization(s) to many people who may have not realized the organization and it’s services existed.